Sheremetyevo International Airport (UUEE)

Moscow CFPU
Moscow (UUWV)
Moscow (UUWV)
 55.97260, 37.41460  / 622 ft

 UUEE 101800Z 25002MPS CAVOK 18/15 Q1014 R06R/290051 R06L/CLRD62 NOSIG
 TAF AMD UUEE 101254Z 1012/1112 32003G08MPS 9999 SCT030 TX26/1012Z TN12/1104Z TEMPO 1012/1018 26003G08MPS -TSRA BKN016CB TEMPO 1100/1106 2900 -SHRA FEW004 BKN016CB
Дополнение к AIP (AIP Supplement), AIRAC 2003 (27.02.20)
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Sheremetyevo International Airport (IATA: SVO, ICAO: UUEE) — international airport of Moscow, one of three major airports of Moscow regions, the busiest airport of Russian Federation for the passenger flow, also being one of the 20 biggest airports of Europe. Airport is located in Khimki region nortwest of Moscow, between the cities of Lobnya and Khimki, 29km of central Moscow. 

Sheremetyevo is the hub airport for Russian national air carrier Aeroflot.

Aerodrome complex includes five terminals: А (business aviation terminal), B, D, E, F and a cargo terminal «Sheremetyevo-Cargo». Terminals A, B and C constellate north terminal area, terminals D, E and F among with the cargo terminal - south terminal area.

Sheremetyevo is a category A airport, which is available for all aircraft types, except A380 aircraft. Aerodrome has three runways: 06R/24L, 06C/24C and 06L/24R.

RWY Dimensions, m RWY elev, m RWY HDG RWY CAT LOM LMM ILS
06C 3550×60 188,8 064° CAT I 700 (MR) 338 (M) 108.100 (IMR)
24C 3550×60 189,5 244° CAT IIIA 700 (AD) 338 (A) 111.300 (IAD)
06R 3700×60 188,6 064° CAT IIIA 380 (NL) 770 (N) 109.100 (INL)
24L 3700×60 189,3 244° CAT II 380 (BW) 770 (B) 110.500 (IBW)
06L 3200×60 179,5 064° CAT II - - 108.750 (IMA)
24R 3200×60 180,1 244° CAT II 794 (ER) -

109.350 (IBR)

However because of not enough space between runways (280 meters) doesn't allows to use them as two independent RWYs. That's why parallel take-off and landing is not allowed, it's regulated as a single-runway operations, with the same intervals. Restrictions are also connected with the FAR (Federal Aviation Rules) of Russian Federation and ICAO.

In autumn 2019, the new runway was opened on the nortwest of terminals A and B, which will be able to serve all types of aircraft.

ATC Units:

UUEE_R_APP - Sheremetyevo-Radar (arrival) - 126.600

UUEE_R_DEP - Sheremetyevo-Radar (departure) - 118.100

UUEE_1_TWR - Sheremetyevo-Tower (06С/R-24С/L) - 131.500

UUEE_2_TWR - Sheremetyevo-Tower (06L-24R) - 118.700

UUEE_1_GND - Sheremetyevo-Ground (North Apron) - 119.000

UUEE_2_GND - Sheremetyevo-Ground (South Apron) - 121.800

UUEE_DEL - Sheremetyevo-Delivery - 120.875

UUEE_ATIS - Sheremetyevo-ATIS - 125.125


Squawk code range: 1500-1537

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