Domodedovo International Airport



Domodedovo Airport (IATA: DME, ICAO: UUDD) – international airport, one of three major Moscow airports, the second in Russia by passenger traffic. Airport situated on the border of Domodedovo town and Ramenskiy district of Moscow Region, in 45 km from the center of Moscow, in 22 km from Moscow Ring Road.

In 2015 airport was top-2 airport in Russia, and top-20 the busiest airports in Europe. Passenger traffic of Domodedovo is 46% from all passenger traffic of Moscow airports. 52 airlines flies from and to Domodedovo to 185 different cities all over the world. 28 Russian airlines and 48 foreign airlines are operating at Domodedovo.

Airport complex includes two parallel runways situated in 2 km from each other. They are certified for provide independent takeoff and landing operations. It is the only airport in Moscow, which is certified for it. Runway reconstruction in 2009 have made Domodedovo the first airport in Russia, which were certified to serve the biggest passenger aircraft – Airbus A380.

In 2014 Russian Federal aviation Agency decided to start building of the third runway. It is situated paralleled of active runway 14L/32R, have length 3800 meters. When new runway will be built, it we be named 14L/32R, active old runway will become main taxiway.


Squawk codes: 1540-1577

On December, 3rd we have introduced New airspace structure with absolutely new routes, SIDs&STARs. There were some changes and we kindly ask you to update your navigation databases to newest AIRAC 2104.

Usually, active runway is 14R/32L. The second runway 14L/32R is shortened because of construction of new, third, runway at the northeast of airport. It is used only for departures is case of high traffic.

Part of taxiway H1 is closed from start up point 5A to taxi route 27 and from taxi route 27 to taxi route 26 (click here). Aircraft should taxi via stands nearby H1.

All SIDs and STARs requires RNAV1. If you are unable to provide it, report ATC as soon as possible.

Do not forget to choose IAF in your navigation computer. In Boeing FMS it is right TRANS column, in Airbus MCDU it is VIA section. For runway 32L IAF is ALBOR, for runway 14R it is TOSLA. It is really important!

Follow all level and speed restrictions on SIDs and STARs. Fly without restrictions you may only when you got instruction from ATC to cancel this restrictions.

Moscow CFPU
APT coordinates
55.40880, 37.90630 
588 ft / ≈179 m
Airport charts
Runways information
RWY MAG BRG Dimensions(m) Landing system
14C/32C 135° 2370x53 RNAV
315° RNAV
14L/32R 135° 3800x60 RNAV
315° RNAV
14R/32L 135° 3500x60 ILS CAT IIIA (110.100)
315° ILS CAT I (109.300)
ATC positions
Position Designator Callsign Frequency
Control UUWV_CTR Moscow-Control 127.500
Approach MSK_APP Moscow-Approach 134.000
Radar UUDD_APP Domodedovo-Radar 125.300
Radar * UUDD_DEP Domodedovo-Radar 119.400
Radar * UUDD_F_APP Domodedovo-Radar 127.700
Tower UUDD_TWR Domodedovo-Tower 118.600
Ground UUDD_GND Domodedovo-Apron 119.000
Delivery UUDD_DEL Domodedovo-Delivery 129.150
ATIS UUDD_ATIS Domodedovo-ATIS 128.300
EuroScope FS 9 FSX MSFS 2020 P3Dv2 P3Dv3 P3Dv4 P3Dv5 xPlane 9 xPlane 10 xPlane 11
Title Type Tags Addition time
DD Moscow City X (incl. UUDD)
scenery FSX P3Dv2 P3Dv3 P3Dv4 P3Dv5  04.06.2021
(no description)
DD Moscow City XP (incl. UUDD)
scenery xPlane 11  04.06.2021
(no description)
DD Moscow Landmarks MSFS (incl. UUDD)
scenery MSFS 2020  04.06.2021
(no description)
Domodedovo (
scenery xPlane 11  01.07.2021
(no description)
Domodedovo NG  
scenery xPlane 11  13.05.2021
Actual scenery with RWY 14C/32С closed taxiways
MDesign - Moscow Domodedovo FSX/P3D  
scenery FSX P3Dv4 P3Dv5  02.04.2019
The 2015 year scenery. For proper work in P3D you need to install 2 updates: and
Siberian Scenery Development - UUDD Domodedovo v1.0 MSFS2020  
scenery MSFS 2020  19.03.2022
(no description)
UUDD Moscow Domodedovo (RVV1973)
scenery FSX  01.07.2021
(no description)
UUDD Moscow Domodedovo (RVV1973) Convertation
scenery FS 9  01.07.2021
(no description)