Vnukovo International Airport (UUWW)

Moscow CFPU
Moscow (UUWV)
Moscow (UUWV)
 55.59150, 37.26150  / 685 ft

 UUWW 260600Z 17002MPS CAVOK M02/M04 Q1019 R24/190050 NOSIG
 TAF UUWW 260157Z 2603/2703 19005MPS 6000 FEW004 BKN016 TX01/2623Z TNM02/2606Z TEMPO 2603/2609 -SN OVC004 PROB40 TEMPO 2603/2606 0300 FZFG OVC001 TEMPO 2609/2615 1500 SN -FZDZ OVC003 BECMG 2615/2617 OVC004 TEMPO 2617/2703 25005G12MPS 2100 -SNRA BR OVC002
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Vnukovo Airport (IATA: VKO, ICAO: UUWW) – one of three major airports of Moscow. It situated near same-named district of Moscow Region in 10 km to south-west from Moscow Ring Road.  The airport is used to international passenger and business flights.

Vnukovo is the fourth airport in Russia in terms of the number of passengers served for the year, after other Moscow airports – Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo – and Pulkovo in Saint Petersburg. In 2017, passenger traffic of the airport was more than 18.1 million people. Vnukovo is the base and hub for airlines “Rossiya”, "UTair", low-cost carrier "Pobeda", charter airline iFly. In addition, it is Russian Government airport. From Vnukovo flies President of Russia, Prime Minister and other public officials.

Airport has the largest air terminal in Russia with an area of 270 thousand square meters. The Vnukovo-2 complex is used to special flight squadron “Rossiya”, which is the Government’s carrier. Foreign leaders also usually arriving at Vnukovo-2. Vnukovo-3 terminal is used to service special flights of the Moscow government, “Roskosmos” aviation and business jets.

Aerodrome complex

Airport has two X-runways, numbered as 01/19 and 06/24.

RWY Dimensions, m Elev, m RWY HDG ILS CAT LMM LOM ILS
01 3060×45 192,9 013° CAT I 949 (OE) - 111.700 (IWM)
19 3060×45 193,2 193° CAT I 914 (SX) - 111.500 (ITA)
06 3500×60 191,6 058° CAT IIIA 294 (GT) - 108.900 (IGT)
24 3500×60 208,8 238° CAT IIIA 852 (OB) - 111.100 (IOB)

ATC Services:

UUWW_R_APP - Vnukovo Radar - 126.000

UUWW_TWR - Vnukovo Tower/Precision - 118.300

UUWW_GND - Vnukovo Taxiing - 120.450

UUWW_DEL - Vnukovo Delivery - 131.800

UUWW_ATIS - Vnukovo ATIS - 131.850


Squawk codes: 2100-2137

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