Novosibirsk International airport (Tolmachevo) — one of the most intensively developing federal airports, largest transit hub on the important routes connecting Europe and Asia in Siberia region. Geographical location of Novosibirsk airport allows it to serve the perspective cross-polar routes linking North America and Asia.



Novosibirsk International airport (Tolmachevo) contains two runways. Aerodrome is a category A airfield by the technical specifications. Novosibirsk airport is one of three airports in the asian part of Russia, which are certified for ICAO CAT II operations. 

  • Runway 07/25 is 3597 meters long and 60 meters width has a asphalt-concrete surface. Magnetic bearings are 072º and 252º accordingly. This runway is certified for CAT I operations only (ICAO minima 60м/200ft х 800м) from both directions.
  • Runway 16/34 introduced in 2010, is 3602 meters long and 45 meters width has cement-concrete surface. Magnetic bearings are 161º и 341º. This runway allows landings utilizing CAT I operations (ICAO minima 60м/200ft х 800м), while also being certified for CAT II operations on bearing 161º (ICAO minima 30м/100ft х 350м).

Radio and lighting equipment specifications, ATC units and aerodrome facilities allows the airport to ensure safe aircraft operations even in the most challenging meteorological conditions.


Runway and equipment description

RWY BRG RWY dimensions (m) THR elevation (m) RWY surface LOM LMM ILS
07 072° 3597х60 111.1 Asphalt-concrete 310 (RO) 597 (R) 110.100 (IRO)
25 252° 3597х60 110.5 Asphalt-concrete 310 (KT) 597 (K) 108.500 (IKT)
16 161° 3602х45 110.2 Concrete 875 (SV) 722 (S) 109.700 (ISV)
34 341° 3602х45 112.1 Concrete 875 (GH) 722 (G) 111.100 (IGH)


ATC units

Designation Callsign Frequency Vertical limits
UNNT_APP Novosibirsk - Approach 127.500 ( from FL070 to FL190 )
UNNT_R_APP   Novosibirsk - Radar 122.000 ( from GND to FL070 )
UNNT_TWR Novosibirsk - Tower 118.500  
UNNT_GND   Novosibirsk - Ground 121.700  
UNNT_ATIS   Novosibirsk - ATIS 127.400  


Squawk codes

Novosibirsk (Tolmachevo) 5201-5257


Allowable aircraft types

Airport is capable to accept all airplanes, including Ilyushin 96, Antonov 124, Boeing 777, Boeing 747, certified for Airbus A-380 (among with Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo airports) and smaller, also all types of helicopters.



Mikhail Gogolev *

Head of the Regional ATM Center (Novosibirsk)
APT coordinates
55.01260, 82.65070 
365 ft / ≈111 m
Airport charts
Runways information
RWY MAG BRG Dimensions(m) Landing system
07/25 072° 3597x60 ILS CAT I (110.100)
252° ILS CAT I (108.500)
16/34 161° 3602x45 ILS CAT II (109.700)
341° ILS CAT I (111.100)
ATC positions
Position Designator Callsign Frequency
FSS  * RU-ESC_FSS Siberia Control 135.225
Control UNNT_CTR Novosibirsk Control 127.000
Approach UNNT_APP Novosibirsk Approach 127.500
Radar UNNT_R_APP Novosibirsk Radar 122.000
Tower UNNT_TWR Novosibirsk Tower 118.500
Ground UNNT_GND Novosibirsk Ground 121.700
Delivery UNNT_DEL Novosibirsk Delivery 135.400
ATIS UNNT_ATIS Novosibirsk ATIS 127.400
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