Irkutsk online day

Welcome to Siberia!


In eastern Siberia, there is a real Russian winter, which means that the dispatchers of the Irkutsk ACC are ready to meet you on the eve of the winter holidays. From 14z-16z on January 24, full dispatch control will be provided at the Irkutsk airport, as well as the district ATC.

See you on the air!

Date and time

24.01.2023 14:00 - 16:00 UTC

ATC positions

UIII_CTR 133.400

Kirill Ivanov (1490722)

UIII_APP 125.200

Mikhail Pompushko (1526463)

UIII_TWR 118.100

Mark Kalashnikov (1664628)

UIII_GND 121.700

Timofey Krivenko (1649451)