Tbilisi* FIR

Georgian flight information region provides air traffic control over Georgian airspace and south-east part of Black Sea in VATSIM Network.

FIR includes three international airports, one of which is Turkish regional airport (Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi), two regional airports (Mestia and Ambrolauri) and two general aviation aerodromes (Telavi and Natakhtari).

Tbilisi FIR is part of Caucasus ACC in VATSIM Network.

In the Georgian and Armenian airspace, by agreement of both countries, the use of Free-Route technology is possible in the upper airspace when planning a route. The picture below shows the waypoints on the border of the Georgian airspace. Points on the border with the Armenian airspace (marked as (I)) must be in the flight plan if the flight passes through both airspaces using Free-Route technology.

Tbilisi Radar (UGGG_CTR) sectors

United 125.125


Grigori Badalov*

FIR Instructors
Grigori Badalov (Instructor)
Part of

FIR air traffic controllers

Name Rating Units *
Dallon Pereira Supervisor UGGG_CTR
Muhammad Abdullah Controller UGGG_CTR
Muhammad Nabil Controller UGGG_CTR
George Kalandadze Controller UGGG_CTR
Grigori Badalov Instructor UGGG_CTR
Ivan Chernov Senior Controller UGGG_CTR
Valeriy Polostyanoy Instructor UGGG_CTR
Nika Avdalov Student 2 UGKO_TWR, UGSB_TWR, UGTB_TWR
Suwan Kim Student 2 UGTB_TWR

FIR airports

ICAO City Title Weather
UGTB Tbilisi Tbilisi International Airport UGTB 302330Z 14003KT 9999 SCT003 BKN010 OVC018 04/04 Q1031 NOSIG
UGSB Batumi Batumi International Airport UGSB 302330Z 11004KT 9999 SCT011 BKN150 12/11 Q1020 NOSIG
UGKO Kutaisi Kopitnari Airport UGKO 302330Z 08022G34KT CAVOK 12/03 Q1021 NOSIG
UGAM Ambrolauri Ambrolauri UGAM 302330Z AUTO 15007KT //// ////// 06/01 Q1024
UGMS Mestia Queen Tamar Airport UGMS 302330Z AUTO VRB01KT //// ////// M01/M03 Q1025
UGSA Natakhtari Natakhtari Airport
UGGT Telavi Telavi Airport