Omsk early online day

Welcome to Siberia!


This Saturday, especially for residents of the Siberian regions, we are holding an early online day in Omsk! From 9 till 11 UTC, full service will be provided at the airport.

This day promises to be sunny, but at the same time cold with temperature down to -23℃ 🥶

We are waiting in the our airspace!

Please note, that the radar and tower operate on the same frequency.

Date and time

26.11.2022 09:00 - 11:00 UTC

ATC positions

UNNT_CTR 127.000

Kirill Ivanov (1490722)

UNOO_APP 131.200

Denis Makosov (1621918)

UNOO_R_APP 119.000

Arseniy Kucheev (1593581)

UNOO_TWR 119.000

Vadim Kuzmin (1525421)

UNOO_GND 121.700

Nikita Razumov (1618231)