Rostov-na-Donu FIR

On October 8, 2002, in connection with the conceptual decisions of the reorganization of the EU ATM and the need to optimize the number of subsidiaries on the basis of the order of the Ministry of Property Relations of the Russian Federation, for the first time in the South of Russia by merging the State Unitary Subsidiary "Aeronavigation of the South" was created by the merger of the GUDP of the SCC of the Department of Internal Affairs "Strela", GUDP "Volgogradaeronavigation" and GUDP "Kavkazaeronavigation".

THE MAIN FUNCTIONS OF THE BRANCH are: organization of air traffic within the boundaries of responsibility; planning and coordination of the use of airspace; information support for airspace users, provision of flight radio equipment, aviation telecommunications; organization and implementation of technical operation and maintenance of facilities and means of flight radio equipment, aviation telecommunications and fixed satellite communications; quality control of air navigation services.

The area serviced by the branch, in the airspace of which the tasks of the IVP and ATC are solved, is 729,000 sq. km.

On the territory of the Rostov zone of the EU ATM are located:

104 air routes with a length of 36504 km. (international – 82, domestic – 22);

15 civil aviation airfields;

37 airfields of the state aviation;

3 experimental aviation airfields;

9 DOSAAF airfields;

151 landing pad;

177 hail and 5 anti-avalanche positions;

47 aviation and combined arms ranges.

The branch provides air navigation services in the airspace within the borders of the Rostov, Volgograd, Astrakhan regions, Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories, the republics of Adygea, Kalmykia, Ingushetia, Dagestan, Chechen, North Ossetia (Alania), Karachay-Cherkess and Kabardino-Balkaria, as well as over the waters of the Azov, Caspian and Black Seas.

Separation of Rostov control sectors

United - URRV_CTR - 122.900


Grigori Badalov*

FIR Instructors
Denis Zhuchkov * (Controller)
Grigori Badalov (Instructor)
Valeriy Polostyanoy (Instructor)
Part of

FIR air traffic controllers

Name Rating Units *
Piotr Masek Unknown URRV_CTR
Artem Smychkov Instructor URRV_CTR
Daniel Ryabkov Controller URRV_CTR  *
Denis Makosov Controller URRV_CTR
Denis Zhuchkov Controller URRV_CTR
Grigori Badalov Instructor URRV_CTR
Ivan Chernov Senior Controller URRV_CTR
Kirill Ivanov Controller URRV_CTR
Mark Stolyar Controller URRV_CTR
Valeriy Polostyanoy Instructor URRV_CTR
Alexey Kshnyakin Unknown URSS_GND
Alexey Perov Student URSS_GND, URSS_TWR!!!*
Alikhan Aidarbek Student URSS_GND
Andrey Kharitonov Student URSS_GND*
Andrey Pelykh Student 2 URSS_TWR!!!*
Andrey Zonov Student 2 URSS_TWR!!!
Anton Nikolaev Student 2 URSS_APP*
Artem Tsendrovsky Senior Student URSS_APP, URWW_APP
Dmitry Sazonov Senior Student URSS_APP
Evgeny Listratov Student 2 URSS_APP*, URSS_TWR
Fedor Banshchikov Student URRR_GND!!!, URSS_GND
Ilya Potapov Student URRP_GND, URSS_GND*
Ivan Klochkov Unknown URSS_TWR
Joury Roussine Unknown URRR_GND!!!
Maxim Baglikov Student 2 URSS_R_APP*, URSS_TWR!!!
Mikhail Kozlineev Student URSS_GND*
Mikhail Petrov Student URSS_TWR!!!*
Semen Vaysman Student URSS_GND
Sergey Milyaev Student URSS_GND
Sergey Scherbakov Unknown URRR_GND!!!, URSS_GND
Sergey Vologzhin Student 2 URSS_GND

FIR airports

ICAO City Title Weather
URFF Simferopol Simferopol International Airport
URSS Sochi Sochi International Airport URSS 302330Z 00000MPS 9999 NSC 07/04 Q1021 R06/010070 R02/////// NOSIG RMK R02/04005MPS QFE764
URRY Volgodonsk Airport
URKA Anapa Anapa Airport URKA 302330Z 12005G10MPS 040V160 CAVOK 03/M00 Q1021 R04/010070 NOSIG RMK QFE762/1016
URWA Astrakhan Astrakhan Airport URWA 302330Z 08003MPS CAVOK M08/M15 Q1039 R09/010070 NOSIG RMK QFE782/1042
URMO Beslan Beslan Airport URMO 302330Z AUTO 00000MPS 9000 ///025/// 00/00 Q1030 RMK QFE728/0971
URWW Volgograd Volgograd International Airport URWW 302330Z 08005MPS CAVOK M09/M10 Q1041 R06/010070 TEMPO 1000 BR BKN003
URKG Gelendzhik Gelendzhik Airport
URMG Grozny Khankala Air Base URMG 302330Z 00000MPS 9999 OVC024 03/02 Q1031 R26/090070 TEMPO 0300 FG BKN002 RMK QFE758/1011
URKK Krasnodar Krasnodar International Airport URKK 302330Z 07005MPS CAVOK 03/M00 Q1024 R05R/CLRD70 NOSIG RMK QFE765
URML Makhachkala Uytash Airport URML 302330Z 17005MPS 9999 BKN046 07/02 Q1033 R14/01//70 NOSIG RMK QFE774/1033
URMM Mineralnyye Vody Mineralnyye Vody Airport URMM 302330Z 10009MPS 5000 -SN BKN006 OVC019 00/M01 Q1030 R12/290150 TEMPO 1000 SN OVC003 RMK MT OBSC OBST OBSC QFE744/0992
URMS Magas Magas Airport
URMN Nalchik Nalchik Airport URMN 302300Z 00000MPS 2000 BR BKN004 BKN020CB 00/M00 Q1029 R24/////// NOSIG RMK QBB140 MT OBSC OBST OBSC QFE735
URRP Rostov-on-Don Platov International Airport URRP 302330Z 10010MPS CAVOK M03/M14 Q1033 R05/CLRD70 NOSIG RMK QFE770/1027
URRR Rostov-on-Don Rostov-na-Donu Airport
URMT Stavropol Stavropol Shpakovskoye Airport URMT 302330Z 12011MPS 9999 BKN017 M01/M02 Q1028 R07/010070 NOSIG RMK QFE731
URWI Elista Elista Airport URWI 302330Z AUTO 10006MPS 9999 // ///////// M08/M16 Q1037