Tymen – Kogalym

Hurry up to fly!

On Friday, April 5, from 15 to 18 hrs UTC, Central Russia region invites you to a both-way shuttle Tyumen – Kogalym  – Tyumen. Full ATC service will be provided for the whole three hours, with Surgut airport playing the role of an alternate.

A special surprise for those who are in love with VFR flights! ATC service at Surgut and Noyabrsk airports will be provided especially for you! Also we prepared a manual "Submitting a flight plan for the Visual Flights in VATSIM", which we strongly recommend you to read or refresh!

Load up two extra tons of fuel in advance, as well as an extra portion of flight food, there may be a queue on arrival and your approach may be delayed!

The manual is here.

Date and time

05.04.2024 15:00 - 18:00 UTC