Caucasus Triangle

09.01.2021 12:00 - 18:00 UTC

Published: 04.12.2020 17:31*

Dear Pilots,

Kuwait vACC and VATRUS are excited to invite you to the "Caucasus Triangle" event.

On Saturday, January 9th, with departures starting in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi (UGTB) and Azerbaijan's Baku (UBBB) between the hours of 1200z - 1500z, to arrive 2 and a half hours later just before sundown into the heart of the Middle East, Kuwait City (OKBK) between 1400z - 1800z.

If you would like to participate, we highly encourage our pilots to secure their slot by booking! However, everyone is welcome to join!

Pilots who book and show up for their slot will be randomly entered for a chance to win valuable prizes graciously provided by our sponsors.

  • 2x €25 voucher from Simmarket
  • 1x €30 voucher from Aerosoft
  • 5x ORBX product of your choice
  • 1x FS2Crew product of your choice

We'd love to see you there for an event everyone can enjoy!

As our booking system is not perfect and considering the capacity of the airports we recommend the aircrafts. However you are free to fly the aircraft you want.