News and events

Urumqi-Yekaterinburg City Shuttle

27.11.2021 12-16 UTC
Dear Friends!
Yekaterinburg’s ARTCC is glad to invite you to SHUTTLE between city Urumqi (China) and Yekaterinburg (Russia), which will happen 27th of November since 12:00 till 16:00 UTC. Full ATC control will provided throughout the way.

Published: 22.11.2021 14:52

Moscow Online + Regions

28.11.2021 14-18 UTC
Moscow invites you to regional airports inside Moscow FIR!

Published: 20.11.2021 22:01

Tyumen Over-Real

21.11.2021 13-18 UTC
Dear pilots,
VATSIM Tymen ACC is glad to invite you to OverReal event in Tyumen airport.

Published: 16.11.2021 15:03

Moscow-St.Petersburg Shuttle

20.11.2021 14-18 UTC
Dea pilots,
November, 20th we are glad to invite you to shuttle between 2 major Russian cities.

Published: 14.11.2021 18:37

St. Petersburg - Perm Shuttle

13.11.2021 15-19 UTC
We are glad ti invite you to the shuttle between Saint Petersburg and Perm.

Published: 09.11.2021 18:15

Yekaterinburg - Sochi Shuttle

16.10.2021 13-19 UTC
Dear friends!
Yekaterinburg and Rostov ACCs invite you to take part in a flight on the route Yekaterinburg (USSS) - Sochi (URSS), which will take place on October 16 (Saturday).

Published: 05.10.2021 13:48

City Shuttle: Salekhard - Tyumen

10.10.2021 13-17 UTC
Dear pilots,
Tyumen FIR is glad to invite you to the shuttle between Salekhard (USDD) and Tyumen (USTR).

Published: 05.10.2021 13:44

Pulkovo Real-Ops

17.10.2021 13-18 UTC  
Dear pilots,
This autumn we are glad to invite you to join the “Real-Ops” in the Northern capital of Russia - Saint-Petersburg.

Published: 02.10.2021 11:21

Vnukovo Real-Ops 2021

26.09.2021 13-18 UTC  
We are glad to invite you to the first in this season Real-Ops fly-in. Traditionally, the oldest Moscow airport opens Real-Ops series. It is Vnukovo!

Published: 19.09.2021 13:24

VATSIM 20 years: Tallinn-Moscow Shuttle

18.08.2021 16-19 UTC
We would like to invite you for a flight between capitals of Estonia and Russia.

Published: 18.09.2021 16:04