News and events

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - Changchun

28.05.2022 11-15 UTC
VATRUS and VATPRC are holding an international event at 28th of May 11-15z. The event will take place between the cities of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Changchun

Published: 26.05.2022 13:50

Chelyabinsk-Omsk Shuttle

29.05.2022 13-17 UTC
The Novosibirsk and Ekaterinburg ACC’s teams are kindly inviting you to fly over the Chelyabinsk-Omsk air bridge on May, 29th from 13z to 17z. Full dispatching control is going to be provided throughout the whole route.

Published: 26.05.2022 13:47

City Shuttle. UHSS-UHPP

04.06.2022 07-11 UTC
On June 4, 2022, we invite you to fly between two cities of the Far East: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (UHSS) and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (UHPP). ATC control will be provided throughout the journey from 07.00 - 11.00z

Published: 26.05.2022 13:41

Mineralnye Vody to Vnukovo Shuttle

22.05.2022 14-18 UTC
VATSIM Rostov ACC and Moscow ATC center invite you to a shuttle format event this Sunday, from Mineralnye Vody to Moscow, Vnukovo Airport!

Published: 19.05.2022 14:02

Far East Online Day

22.05.2022 08-11 UTC
This Sunday, 22.05, we invite you to the Far East from 8-11z!
Three airports Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk will be

Published: 19.05.2022 13:51

Sheremetyevo Spring

10.05.2022 12:00-16:00 UTC
VATSIM Moscow air traffic control center is happy ready to invite you to Sheremetyevo Spring - our another one-room control event.

Published: 06.05.2022 21:07

Spring Shuttle. EFJY-EFRO-ULLI

07.05.2022 15-20 UTC
Celebrate the start of spring in the north and join us for a triangle event between Jyväskylä (EFJY), Rovaniemi (EFRO) and St. Petersburg (ULLI) on May 7th at 15-20z.

Published: 04.05.2022 01:13

Krasnodar-Minsk Shuttle

03.05.2022 16-20 UTC
3 мая 2022 года мы приглашаем Вас выполнить полет между городами Краснодар и Минск, соединив два города авиасообщением под полным диспетчерским контролем с 16 до 20Z.

Published: 27.04.2022 18:00

Expedition. Beijing - Ekaterinburg

30.04.2022 06-16 UTC
VATSIM Ekaterinburg ATCC in cooperation with controllers from VATPRC of the VATSIM network has prepared an interesting event for you.

Published: 26.04.2022 15:04

Samara-Moscow Shuttle

23.04.2022 14-18 UTC
VATSIM Samara and Moscow Regional centers are glad to invite you to the shuttle from Samara to Moscow, airport Vnukovo.

Published: 20.04.2022 14:53