Sochi Online Day

Hello everyone!

Caucasus region is glad to invite you to our regular online day!

November 24th visit our region. Sochi will host an online evening on 16-19 UTC, all positions will be in operation.
Our neighbours Saint Petersburg FIR will be also online from 16 till 20 UTC and Moscow FIR from 17 till 20 UTC.

Will glad to see you all!

Date and time

24.11.2022 16:00 - 19:00 UTC

ATC positions

URSS_APP 124.600

Valeriy Polostyanoy (1111228)

URSS_R_APP 119.700

Maxim Baglikov (1506762)

URSS_TWR 121.200

Mikhail Petrov (1593069)

URSS_GND 119.000

Andrey Pelykh (1597706)