Simferopol International Airport (UKFF)

vACC Ukraine
Simferopol (UKFV)
Simferopol (UKFV)
 45.05220, 33.97510  / 639 ft

 UKFF 122300Z 21002MPS 190V250 CAVOK 21/12 Q1008 R01/090095 NOSIG
 TAF UKFF 121950Z 1221/1321 01003MPS CAVOK TX31/1310Z TN17/1302Z FM130600 23003MPS 9999 SCT030CB BECMG 1308/1310 30005G10MPS PROB40 TEMPO 1312/1321 VRB14MPS -TSRA
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Simferopol International Airport is an airport in Simferopol, the capital of the Republic of Crimea. Built in 1936, airport has new terminal, which was opened on April 16th, 2019. It's situated 2,5 km to the west from old terminal.

In 2017 airport has served 5,13 billion passengers. It is 7th place in Russia and 2nd in Ukraine by passengers flow. 

Near the Simfropol Airport there are local airport "Zavodskoye" and Russian Navy airbase "Gvardeiskoye".

Airport has one runway 01/19. It has length 3701m and width 60m. It is equipped by CAT I ICAO minimum. ILS frequency: RWY01 - 109.3/010, RWY 19 - 111.1/190.

List of ATC units:

Simferopol-Approach - 124.700

Simferopol-Radar - 135.775

Simferopol-Tower - 120.800

Simferopol-Ground - 119.000

Simferopol-Delivery - 123.175

Simferopol-ATIS - 122.150

Transition altitude - 3050m (10010ft), transition level - FL110.

Below the transition level QNH and feet are in use.

(!) Unfortunately, at current AIRAC there is no any inforamtion about Simferopol. You can manually add it to your database, manual is below. For other models, after the last fix you can fly direct to VOR SI (112.8) or NDB SF (558.0), and then perform approach.

(!) METAR and TAF are available for URFF code.

(!) You can add Simferopol (by URFF code) to your PMDG and ActiveSky databases. Below there are links for Active Sky P3Dv4 (can work on other versions, not tested) and current AIRAC 1905.

- Download here

- Folder PMDG copy and overwrite to Your sim/PMDG.

- Folder HiFi copy and overwrite to C:/Program Files (x86) (only for AS P3Dv4).

- Folder AS_P3Dv4 copy and overwrite to C:/Users/YOUR USER/AppData/Roaming/Hifi (only for AS P3Dv4).

- For Aerosoft A320 P3Dv4 - in folder C:/Users/ВАШ ЮЗЕР/Documents/Aerosoft/General/A3XX Navigraph copy and overwrite this files (for AIRAC 1905) - Airports.txtNavaids.txt

- For Aerosoft A320 P3Dv3 and older - you need to add files from PROC and manually add files from airport.txt and navaids.txt to your AIRAC folder. Files are there.

- In FSLabs A320' MCDU (page DATA -> PAGE2) you need to add runway in format URFF01 and URFF19 eith coordinetes and other information from AIP Russia (including ILS). If you want you can add fixes and navaids too. All information you can find in AIP Russia.


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