The Russian-speaking division of the VATSIM network is a part of the EMEA - the Europe, Middle East and Africa Region of VATSIM.

The activities of the division are carried out in accordance with the regulations of the VATSIM, the Charter of the division and are based on the principles of:

  • legality;
  • autonomy;
  • respect for human rights and freedoms;
  • mutual respect;
  • openness and publicity;
  • interaction and cooperation.

Any member of the VATSIM network, registered in the prescribed manner, can become a member of the division.


Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to go directly to the people responsible for it. It is really very important for us to know your opinion because only together we can make our hobby even better. If you do not know who to turn to with your question - please contact the Division Director or his deputy.

VATRUS1 Division Director
Evgeny Vygornitsky (862634) - director @ vatrus.info

Division general management. Strategy development. Interaction with VATSIM management.

VATRUS2 Deputy Director
Sergey Balandin (979135) - deputy @ vatrus.info

Division Director's special assignments performing. Division Director substitution on all matters during his absence. Help to foreign users with the implementation of the ATS in the territory of VATRUS division.

VATRUS3 ATC Department Training Director
Anton Myglan (944795) - training @ vatrus.info

Organization of the air traffic controllers training. Curriculum development. Instructors selection.

VATRUS4 Division Event Director
Maxim Tsygankov (1264756 ) - events @ vatrus.info

Work with FIRs. Improving the flights quality. Events (Fly-ins) organization.

VATRUS6 Membership Manager
Alexey Kaznakov (1142081) - members @ vatrus.info

Membership Managing - Working with user accounts. Rating upgrades on the request of the training center, imposing penalties on the results of investigations, changing credentials on the users' requests.

VATRUS7 Division Information Services Director
VATRUS Data Protection Officer
Kirill Shabunin (1021389) - web @ vatrus.info

Ensuring the work of the official website and the official forum.

VATRUS8 Information Services Manager
Alexei Nevzorov (1262759)

Ensuring the Vatrus division voice services operation, division staff e-mails. Fulfilling the division director orders within the competence of the information and service department.

VATRUS9 Public Relations Manager
Ekaterina Romanova (1527742) - pr @ vatrus.info

Organization of work on public relations and mass media.

VATRUS10 Pilots Department Training Director
Evgeniy Dedyaev (1001128) - pilots @ vatrus.info

Organization of training pilots. Curriculum development, selection of teaching aids. Pilots instructors selection.