Sochi Real-OPS
01.08.2020 14:00 - 20:00 UTC

Dear friends!

Summer being at its finest, it is the perfect time to fly towards the sea. Due to the current travel restrictions, local resorts have gained massive popularity, Sochi being one of the more popular of them.

Hence, the team of Rostov ACC has organised a "Sochi Real-Ops" event. Sochi airport will be fully staffed by a team of professionals on August 1st, 14-20z.

Furthermore, a booking system will be in place, providing a real-life schedule for the Sochi airport. All times indicated are in UTC, and we strongly recommend you to use the suggested routes. Flights that have been booked will be prioritised.

Scenery and charts can be found at the airport information webpage. Please make sure to familiarise yourself with the approach briefing and information.

We’re looking forward to see you at Sochi airport!

Flights for Sochi International Airport

(active for event from01.08.2020 15:00active for event from01.08.2020 21:00)
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UTC Time Flight Source Destination Aircraft Route Booking
 14:00 SVR448 URSS Sochi UUDD Moscow-DME A321
 14:05 AUL101 ULMM Murmansk URSS Sochi B738
 14:10 TYA1032 URSS Sochi UUDD Moscow-DME B738
 14:30 SBI2059 UUDD Moscow-DME URSS Sochi B738
 14:30 SVR322 URSS Sochi USSS Yekaterinburg A321
 14:50 SDM5829 UUEE Moscow-SVO URSS Sochi B738
 15:10 AFL1810 URSS Sochi UUEE Moscow-SVO A333
 15:10 SDM5603 USSS Yekaterinburg URSS Sochi B744
 15:20 SBI2060 URSS Sochi UUDD Moscow-DME B738
 15:25 SVR279 UUDD Moscow-DME URSS Sochi A321
 15:25 SVR445 UWGG Nizhny Novgorod URSS Sochi A320
 15:30 AZV350 URSS Sochi UNKL Krasnoyarsk B752
 15:30 NWS225 UUEE Moscow-SVO URSS Sochi A321
 15:35 UTA267 UUWW Moscow-VKO URSS Sochi B738
 15:45 SDM6561 ULLI St. Petersburg URSS Sochi A319
 15:50 SVR378 URSS Sochi UUDD Moscow-DME A320
 15:55 SVR620 USCC Chelyabinsk URSS Sochi A320
 16:05 SDM5650 URSS Sochi USTR Tyumen B738
 16:10 UTA142 URWW Volgograd URSS Sochi AT75
 16:15 SVR457 UUDD Moscow-DME URSS Sochi A321
 16:20 SVR280 URSS Sochi UUDD Moscow-DME A321
 16:25 SVR565 USSS Yekaterinburg URSS Sochi A320
 16:25 UTA377 URKK Krasnodar URSS Sochi AT75
 16:30 SBI2047 UUDD Moscow-DME URSS Sochi A321
 16:30 UTA268 URSS Sochi UUWW Moscow-VKO B738
 16:45 SDM6562 URSS Sochi ULLI St. Petersburg A319
 16:50 RWZ735 ULLI St. Petersburg URSS Sochi A321
 16:50 SVR619 URSS Sochi USCC Chelyabinsk A320
 16:55 SDM5509 UUEE Moscow-SVO URSS Sochi B738
 16:55 SVR408 URSS Sochi UUDD Moscow-DME A320
 17:00 AZV345 UWKD Kazan URSS Sochi B763
 17:05 SDM5502 URSS Sochi UUEE Moscow-SVO B744
 17:10 NWS139 ULLI St. Petersburg URSS Sochi A321
 17:10 SVR458 URSS Sochi UUDD Moscow-DME A321
 17:20 SBI2048 URSS Sochi UUDD Moscow-DME A320
 17:20 SVR566 URSS Sochi USSS Yekaterinburg A320
 17:25 UTA378 URSS Sochi URKK Krasnodar AT72
 17:30 AFL1130 UUEE Moscow-SVO URSS Sochi B738
 17:30 AUL871 URSS Sochi UMKK Kaliningrad B738
 17:40 PBD117 UUWW Moscow-VKO URSS Sochi B738
 17:45 UTA321 URSS Sochi URMM Mineralnyye Vody AT72
 17:50 RWZ736 URSS Sochi ULLI St. Petersburg A321
 17:55 SDM5508 URSS Sochi UUEE Moscow-SVO B738
 17:55 UTA513 USTR Tyumen URSS Sochi B735
 18:00 AZO537 ULOO Pskov URSS Sochi SU95
 18:05 AFL1118 UUEE Moscow-SVO URSS Sochi B738
 18:10 NWS226 URSS Sochi UUEE Moscow-SVO A321
 18:25 PBD311 URSS Sochi UNNT Novosibirsk B738
 18:25 SVR307 UUBW Zhukovsky URSS Sochi A320
 18:30 AFL1131 URSS Sochi UUEE Moscow-SVO B738
 18:35 AZV304 URSS Sochi UUWW Moscow-VKO B763
 18:45 AZO224 URSS Sochi URRP Rostov-on-Don SU95
 18:50 DRU614 UNWW Novokuznetsk URSS Sochi B737
 18:55 SVR566 URSS Sochi USSS Yekaterinburg A320
 18:55 UTA1514 URSS Sochi USTR Tyumen B735
 19:10 RWZ816 USCC Chelyabinsk URSS Sochi A321
 19:15 IAE610 UWUU Ufa URSS Sochi SU95
 19:20 PBD111 UUWW Moscow-VKO URSS Sochi B738
 19:20 SVR308 URSS Sochi UUBW Zhukovsky A320
 19:25 SBI2049 UUDD Moscow-DME URSS Sochi A320
 19:30 AFL1119 URSS Sochi UUEE Moscow-SVO B738
 19:35 RWZ123 UUDD Moscow-DME URSS Sochi A321
 19:55 PBD328 UMKK Kaliningrad URSS Sochi B738

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