Division services
Информационные сервисы дивизиона

Dear members of the VATRUS division! We are very pleased that many of you take part in the life of the division and in its development. We would also like to thank those who invest in our division not only the soul, but also their skills, capabilities, and connections.

At the moment, thanks to the participants of the division, the main resources of the division are functioning:

  1. The main site where you are now.
  2. VATRUS Division forum.
  3. TeamSpeak server is ts.vatrus.info (password is vatrus), use TeamSpeak 3 Client to connect.
  4. Voice server of the VATSIM network - voice.vatrus.info.
  5. The data server of the VATSIM network - "RUSSIA-W". Located in St. Petersburg.
  6. The new server network VATSIM - "RUSSIA-C" (being tested at the moment). Located in Krasnoyarsk.

The VATRUS Division personally thanks Konstantin Pribytkov for the equipment provided and the site for its placement. In the near future, it is planned to launch the second site, which will be much closer to the eastern part of the division and will be located almost in the geographical center of Russia - Krasnoyarsk. For this opportunity, the VATRUS Division thanks the Orion Telecom group of companies and a separate team of the technical department of the same name provider of access to the Internet, cable TV networks and IP-telephony in the Siberian region.

The division management, to the best of its abilities, is ready to support any positive and interesting initiatives within the framework of the VATSIM network. We will always be happy to hear about your proposals for the development of information services of the division via e-mail - web@vatrus.info, for development of the UTC - training@vatrus.info, for all other questions feel free to write directly to director@vatrus.info.

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